Lighter Leaf is a Family operated business started by Eva Bjornsdottir and Johann Juliusson in London 2019.

Eva, born in Iceland in 1970, Licensed Aircraft Engineer, currently undertaking BS degree in Computing & Information Technology at The Open University UK.
Additional Diplomas in “Aromatherapy” and “Medicinal Cannabis / CBD Oil.”

Johann Bjarki Juliusson, born 1970 in Iceland, Licensed Aircraft Engineer B1/B2 B747/B787.

The Lighter Leaf adventure started by chance, there was someone selling CBD in the halls of our shopping mall where we picked up a leaflet.
After looking up articles on the internet and reading academic papers about Cannabinoids, CB receptors and more we were eager to give it a try ourselves. So we jumped on the CBD train, quickly the word spread and we love to share the experience.

We are constantly educating our self,  we attend courses, seminars and get wisdom from the frontiers in the industry, organizations, highly knowledgeable speakers at meetings and Expos around the world. And will always put Quality first. We only promote products from farmers who grow and process the plant responsibly. We know our oil can be traced back to birth (the seed) and only the most advanced processes are used for extraction and decarboxylation.

All our products have a Certificate of Analysis from an independent laboratory to make sure every batch we offer for sale is as good and rich from cannabinoids as stated on the label.
May the plant grow wide and high,

Eva and Johann

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