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Novel Food Regulations & Brexit

Our new manufacturer in Switzerland

We are very excited to introduce a new manufacturer in our CBD oils.  Because of the novel food regulations, we are looking for a manufacturer that will have a valid certificate when the regulation comes into practice in the beginning of next year.  Also, because of Brexit things would be less complicated if we could handle our trading locally or within the UK.  We wanted to keep using high quality CBD oils from Switzerland and finally found a manufacturer who is working towards these conditions in Swiss Organic Partners AG.

Being one of the best-in-class cannabis & CBD producers, the farmers are organically certified by Bio Suisse regulations, the highest and strictest standard for Swiss organic agriculture. Production is in accordance with Swiss law and food regulations and state-of-the-art equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process from the seeds to the finished product.

Swiss Organic Partners ensure the production and cultivation are of the highest quality with many years of experience in cannabis cultivation as well as in organic farming. The manufacturing process is free from any chemicals, pesticides and herbicides and the hemp is hand-picked at the optimum time of the plant´s lifecycle to select the best parts of the plant. Discarded stems and leaves are used as a fertilizer making sure nothing is wasted making them 100% sustainable.

Offering both outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, the CO2 extraction is made in-house without any heat to avoid the destruction of valuable cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

We look forward to partner up with Swiss Organic Partners and believe and hope our customers will continue to benefit from our CBD oils.

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Big Brother

Is legal Full Spectrum CBD as we know it coming to an end?

European Commission has indicated that CBD extracted from the flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa L. plant should be considered a narcotic under a 1961 United Nations treaty. Formally adopted, hemp-derived CBD will fall outside the scope of the food regulation and banned from the EU market. 


Here in the UK “Food Standards Agency” view on this has not changed and CBD extracts themselves are not considered narcotics. However the FSA will begin accepting novel food applications from January 2021, after the Brexit transition period ends. This means that anyone who wants to sell CBD legally needs to have it approved as novel food. This will never include CBD with THC, even as low as 0,2%. 

To ban original plant extract and approve “synthetic” Isolate mixtures as safe, is just sad. This could lead to a rapid change in product quality so you should use every opportunity to tell your friends, doctors and MP´s how CBD is helping you every day!