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One year Lighter Leaf

(see below for english)

Á eins árs afmæli Lighter Leaf, kynnum við með stolti CBD olíu sem við getum kallað “Original full spectrum” og hefur alla þá mögnuðu eiginleika sem plantan hefur uppá að bjóða.

Nýjasta yrkið okkar frá Sviss er um 17-18% CBD og undir 0.2% THC. Við munum merkja framleiðsluna sem 17% en hægt er að sjá “Lab reports” á síðunni okkar þar sem fram kemur nákvæmt magn af cannbínóðum fyrir hverja uppskeru sem við setjum á sölu.  Við eigum enn til nokkrar flöskur af 20% olíunni okkar og verða þær seldar á síðunni okkar með afmælis-afslætti á meðan birgðir endast.

Okkar skoðun er að best er að hafa olíuna orginal og full spectrum og með leyfilegu magni af THC.

Þegar plantan vex á sér stað lífmyndun ensíma, hvata og efnahvarfa sem framleiða flóknar sameindir úr einföldum sameindum, líffræðilegir nano strúktúrar sem verða að ofur-strúktúrum. Olía sem er eins lítið unnin og hægt er, heldur í náttúrulegu eiginleikana, virkar sem ein heild og viðheldur margföldunar áhrifunum (entourage effect).

Ræktunin frá græðlingi að fullvaxta plöntu fer fram við kjör aðstæður á býlinu í Sviss. Eftir uppskeruna er olían dregin fram úr blómum plöntunnar með tækni sem heitir á frummálinu “super critical Co2  carbon dioxide extraction”. Öll framleiðsla fer fyrst á óháða rannsóknastofu í Sviss og síðan aftur til PhytoVista laboratories í Englandi.

Lighter leaf proudly presents on our one year anniversary, Original full-spectrum CBD extract. This Sviss strain is 17-18% CBD and below 0.2% THC. It offers all the magical benefits from the plant. We market our oil as 17% and you can view lab reports on our webpage for the exact amount of Cannabinoids. There are still few bottles remaining of our 20% oil, which will be available in our webstore with special anniversary discount until sold out. We believe that true original full-spectrum CBD oil requires only minimal processing in order to retain all the natural effectiveness and offer the best entourage effect. As the plant grows, biosynthesis, enzymes, catalyzing chemical reactions, produce complex molecules from simple molecules (biological nanomachines using chemical energy, to build superstructures). At the farm in Switzerland, the growing cycle from clone to fully grown plant is carefully monitored and the extraction is made using supercritical carbon dioxide technology. Every production is tested, first in Switzerland and again in the UK.

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Full Spectrum CBD oil

Just as mother nature intended, full spectrum oil comes with all the cannabinoids naturally occurring within the cannabis plant. Depending on the strain of the plant, often high in CBD it contains a variety of other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBDV, CBDVA, CBG, CBN, CBC, Delta-9, Delta-8 (THC).

Original full spectrum plant resin is made in the plant, not in a lab. It is a synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids within the one and same plant. These are naturally occurring friends, made by trichome cells, in the same plant. A process called biosynthesis, enzymes, catalyzing chemical reactions, produce complex molecules from simple molecules (biological nanomachines using chemical energy, to build superstructures). Not from another production, chemical process, isolates, or mixed together by someone.

CBGA is the firstborn in a biosynthetic reaction that joins together smaller pieces. Then moves on to be naturally “cyclized” via enzymes, to form other cannabinoids like THCA, CBDA, and CBCA (synthase). CBG a 5-HT1A receptor is being researched for potential effects in disease conditions.

After harvesting, the decarboxylation process (heating the plant material or resin) helps break off the “A” (acid) structure. Transforming CBDA to CBD, THCA to THC, CBGA to CBG etc.

Terpene is an important part of the plant with multiple benefits from treating pain to relieving anxiety. Common terpenes are; myrcene, pinene, limonene, beta-caryophyllene.

Flavonoids, phytonutrients, contribute aroma and flavor, can offer therapeutic effects (Quercetin being famous during virus outbreaks).

All of the Cannabinoids have a function and can benefit you in different ways. They work extra well together with other “friends” from the plant, cooperation known as the “entourage effect”. The small amount of THC present in some legal EU strains, 0.1-0,2% is said to multiply the effectiveness of the oil without causing any “high”.


Image; The three types of glandular trichomes on female cannabis flowers.

(a) Flowering female ‘Finola’ plant; inset: isolated floral cluster containing numerous calyces bearing densely populated glandular trichomes. (b) Dissecting microscope image of the calyx and styles of an individual female flower. (c) Image of the calyx of an individual female flower using conventional SEM; scale bar 500 μm. (d–f) Cryo‐SEM images of the three types of cannabis glandular trichomes, classified as stalked (d), sessile (e), and bulbous (f); scale bars 20 μm. ref the plant journal Cannabis glandular trichomes alter morphology and metabolite content during flower maturation

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Decriminalize Hemp products

1961 scheduling of cannabis as a dangerous drug was based somewhat on misinformation but more likely as an order from “above” – The big corporations (big corruptions).

The scheduling implied that cannabis is one of the most dangerous, addictive narcotics on the planet with absolutely no medicinal value. We know this isn´t completely true, but alcohol, tobacco, and sugar all fit this description perfectly (none of these were even scheduled)

World Health Organisation has admitted the 1961 scheduling is wrong! This week, when trying to reverse the mistake, the big companies (EU as front) placed pressure on the member states who were due to vote and delayed voting until the end of this year at least.

When will we open our eyes and see that we are being let down by corruption and greed? Causing our self unnecessary pain and suffering to keep a few cotton, plastic and pharma shareholders happy?

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Happy Valentines day

This Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is a little special for all of us born in 1970. This year we will be turning 50-year-old. As every year passes, we learn to appreciate and enjoy the things that matter more and what life has to offer. By choosing how we live our life, we can have an impact on our health and our life standard. It does not have to be hard and unpleasant. Simple choices can have a great impact. Leave the car at home and walk more, take the stairs and not the elevator. If you do not exercise regularly, this is the perfect time to look for something that will not only make you healthier and happier but also will see you singing and dancing into the second half of your life. You do not need a Gym pass, private trainer or expensive kit to see amazing results. You can go to the nearest park and perform your moves at the widely available outdoor gyms. Or do like many of us, use the back garden from spring to winter and the living room or garage floor during the wet and cold days. Simple exercise programs, planned for 6-8 weeks at the time for different seasons, keeping them interesting. Believe you me, the oldest and simplest moves are still the best. Build up to 10 push-ups on your toes or knees, before summer and you will feel like a champion, half a pull-up builds up to a whole and then a couple, amazing results. Squatting with your own body weight, find some stairs to jog up and walk down. A single dumbbell or a kettlebell can help you perform multiple moves. By using light weights and slow controlled movements, your bicep and tricep will grow like a spring onion. Walk – Walk – Walk, it is not overrated. If you have a smartphone, it can tell you how many steps and how many miles/km you have covered in a day, week, month and a year. That in itself can be a competition where the winner is you! Want to be part of the great Parkrun experience, start today with a walk, build up to a short jog, then slowly add some meters and before you know it, you have completed the 5K jog. Swimming, simply the best. When it comes to food, we should eat everything we want! it is just the art of not wanting everything, that can be hard to adjust to.

Give your self some Love this Valentine, make the move to a healthier and happier life.

We are officially on the road with the club “over 50”, stay tuned for some moves.

Ps: This month, 20% off our Broad Spectrum oil with Love.

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CBD does size matter?

When we look at the ocean of CBD products available, it is easy to get confused about what is what and what to choose. There are different types, Full Spectrum (the whole plant extract including THC), Broad Spectrum (THC removed) and Isolates, the pure CBD powder that is typically used for topical skincare and creams.

Then there is quantity, percentage, mg, ml, drops per bottle and drops a day.

Take for example; You pay  £ 87 for a 10ml bottle (200 drops) with 2000mg of CBD. Every drop contains 10mg of CBD (2000mg/200 drops = 10mg/drop) if you consume 30mg CBD/day your 10ml bottle will last 66 days or just over two months. Cost £ 1,33/day

Now we take a 30ml bottle (600 drops) with 2500mg of CBD. Every drop contains around 4mg of CBD (2500mg/600 drops = 4.16mg/drop) This bottle of same quality Full Spectrum CBD sells for £ 140 average and lasts for 75 days so your daily dosage of 30mg now contains 8 drops and cost you  £ 1.87/day

The effective way is to compare the quantity and quality of the CBD, not the carrier oil. Good quality CBD oil from the original extract will give you good value for your money.