CBD oils are not all equal, far from it. Many are made from “legal” EU strain. This list of allowed industrial hemp contains about 80 different strains. Most contain 2-3% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. In order to get to 10% and even 20% – 30% you obviously need some processing. That doesn’t necessarily mean this oil is not great. On the other hand, you have countries (outside the EU) that have different rules and allow more strains to be grown and processed. The more strains you can grow the better chance you have to find and grow stronger and more beneficial plants with original 10% or 20% CBD strength that requires less processing.

In order to find a good oil for you, there are few basic points you can look at on the Lab report “certificate of analyzis”

Look for the % of WW (weight for weight) A good Full Spectrum oil will contain more than just CBD, like CBG, CBC and most importantly THC.

When you compare one oil to another this is a good starting poing. However there are companies that will add both Cannabinoids and Terpenes in order to make it look great. Look for the word “formula” “blend” “unique” when shopping. This is not what we call original oil, this is a blend of many and that is not something we are a big fan of.

We have used mainly two companies to test our products, Phytovista is in the UK, quick and reliable lab that is getting a ISO17025 accrediation. The other lab we like is in Swizherland and can also test for high THC, mother plants (cuttlings) loss on drying and many more. see ISO9001 approved Swiss experts at cbd-test.ch

The manufacturer should also test for Heavy metals. They occur both naturally and as a result of human activity. Some of the most common and damaging heavy metals include arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Fish, meat, brown rice and leafy green vegetables, are higher in heavy metals than others.

Another lab test you may want to look at if you are specific about your oils is the Terpene Profile. A good Full Spectrum oil contains variety of terpenes.

The only way to know, for sure, is to grow your own or get it from someone you trust.

Trust but always Verify!

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