Is legal Full Spectrum CBD as we know it coming to an end?

European Commission has indicated that CBD extracted from the flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa L. plant should be considered a narcotic under a 1961 United Nations treaty. Formally adopted, hemp-derived CBD will fall outside the scope of the food regulation and banned from the EU market. 


Here in the UK “Food Standards Agency” view on this has not changed and CBD extracts themselves are not considered narcotics. However the FSA will begin accepting novel food applications from January 2021, after the Brexit transition period ends. This means that anyone who wants to sell CBD legally needs to have it approved as novel food. This will never include CBD with THC, even as low as 0,2%. 

To ban original plant extract and approve “synthetic” Isolate mixtures as safe, is just sad. This could lead to a rapid change in product quality so you should use every opportunity to tell your friends, doctors and MP´s how CBD is helping you every day!

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