When we look at the ocean of CBD products available, it is easy to get confused about what is what and what to choose. There are different types, Full Spectrum (the whole plant extract including THC), Broad Spectrum (THC removed) and Isolates, the pure CBD powder that is typically used for topical skincare and creams.

Then there is quantity, percentage, mg, ml, drops per bottle and drops a day.

Take for example; You pay  £ 87 for a 10ml bottle (200 drops) with 2000mg of CBD. Every drop contains 10mg of CBD (2000mg/200 drops = 10mg/drop) if you consume 30mg CBD/day your 10ml bottle will last 66 days or just over two months. Cost £ 1,33/day

Now we take a 30ml bottle (600 drops) with 2500mg of CBD. Every drop contains around 4mg of CBD (2500mg/600 drops = 4.16mg/drop) This bottle of same quality Full Spectrum CBD sells for £ 140 average and lasts for 75 days so your daily dosage of 30mg now contains 8 drops and cost you  £ 1.87/day

The effective way is to compare the quantity and quality of the CBD, not the carrier oil. Good quality CBD oil from the original extract will give you good value for your money.

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