The Lighter Leaf project. From seed to heat, ready to go Green?

Research and development for end users of hemp biofuel products. Procure equipment for field studies. Survey options, cost, schedule use of partners laboratories and scientist. Build a shared database to track and collaborate data and reporting

Green Energy For Your Business

Green Energy For Your Home

Building houses with Hemp, heating and electricity generation. Carbon positive +

The aim of our Lighter Leaf farming innovation project is to develop and support a productive, resilient, and sustainable agricultural sector.


Solution for buildings

How we turn seed into heat

Off the grid solution

Dual gasifier for heat and electricity


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Did you know that by building with hempcrete, as insulation and wall support you can save a lot of energy. The walls are breathing so no mildew problem and the building can be recycled at the end of life.  The “Grow” project combines the green tiny house community idea with a central building for shared recreational use. Indoor farming school, and market space.

Ready to Save an Extra % on Your Energy Bill?

Insulation solution – energy generation

How It Works


From seed to heat

Farming solution


Production solution


Generation and storage

What You can do

How to build a hemp house

Big Brother

Is legal Full Spectrum CBD as we know it coming to an end? European Commission has indicated that CBD extracted from the flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa L. plant should be considered a narcotic under a 1961 United Nations treaty. Formally adopted, hemp-derived...

Novel Food Regulations & Brexit

Our new manufacturer in Switzerland We are very excited to introduce a new manufacturer in our CBD oils.  Because of the novel food regulations, we are looking for a manufacturer that will have a valid certificate when the regulation comes into practice in the...

CBD oil Analytics

CBD oils are not all equal, far from it. Many are made from "legal" EU strain. This list of allowed industrial hemp contains about 80 different strains. Most contain 2-3% CBD and less than 0.2% THC. In order to get to 10% and even 20% - 30% you obviously need some...

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Industrial Hemp revolution
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